"Without my dog my wallet would be full my house would be clean but my heart would be empty." -rover 99

A-frame dog houses of the early 80's meets an end table. This "four legged" furniture piece is an ode to the standard a-frame dog houses all our pups had back in the 80's. The a-frame is carved out of a 36" inch by 30" inch cube as an abstract element. It has a flat surface on top for a lamp or other decorative elements such as picture frames or magazines. For more storage, a shelving area is provided for books, magazines and keepsake display. The typical household pet is more than just a pet, they are a part of our daily lives, they are family.  Why not give them their own home under the same roof. 

House N Home is made of a solid core with real wood veneer.  Available in four different wood finishes.
Shown in Walnut with a semi-gloss finish.

SIZE:  36” x 30” x 26” tall




Fido deserves some vintage swag. Get him a fidoMod...!